Time Clock

Time Clock is compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and higher.

Brief Description:

Time Clock was developed to help the user keep track of time spent on a project and remind the user when to take breaks.

Click here to see Time Check Pro, a similar version which handles multiple projects ($10 shareware).


When Time Clock is launched, you see the Time Clock window where the Running Time is displayed and the user can set two time periods: the time between breaks and the minutes to postpone a break.


You can minimize the Time Clock window or just use the small triangle to shrink the window and move it somewhere out of the way on the display. The Time Clock window can be retrieved by selecting "Time and Settings" on the Time Clock menu or by clicking on the Time Clock icon on the Dock. Above you see the Time Clock Window collapsed. The red "Running" indicates the time clock is running.


A Time Clock menu item is displayed in the Menu Bar.


Clicking on the Time Clock menu reveals the six menu choices: "Thank You" to clear the message without stopping the running clock, "Start Clock" to start the clock, "Stop Clock" to stop the clock, "Postpone Break" to let you continue to work a bit longer (like a snooze button), "Time and Settings" to bring up the Time Clock Window, and "Show Log" to show the Time Clock Log with Start Times, Stop Times and Hours, Minutes and Notes.


When it is time for a break, the display will be covered with a pale yellow film to get your attention and you will see the message above. You can see through the film and click on a menu pick to take the desired action. Other messages are displayed in the same manner.


Above you see the Time Clock Log. The first, second, and fourth rows were added by Starting and Stopping the Time Clock. The third row was added manually by filling the date, hour, minute and note fields and clicking the "Add" button. Each note for these rows was added by clicking in the row to select the row, pausing and then clicking in the Note part of the row to highlight that cell, typing or editing the note and clicking on another row or using the "Enter" key. The running time fields (Hr : Min) indicate the total running time of all rows. If the clock is running, the running time is calculated and added to the total. If the time for a row is less than a minute, "<1" is displayed in the third (Minutes) column. The running time is also indicated on the Time Clock Window. The Time Clock Log can be printed.

All settings and the running time are saved between sessions.


Click here to download Version 2.4.0 (3.2 MB zip file) for Mac OS 10.6 or later.

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