Lucky Last Number
Lucky Last Number is compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and higher.

Brief Description:
Lucky Last Number (LLN) was developed as entertainment for groups of people that like to play games of chance. LLN is $20 shareware. You can try LLN in Demo Mode for 10 minutes per launch, after which time LLN will close.

Version 1.2.0 expands to fill the display after launch.


When you launch LLN you see the Main Window, shown above. LLN displays the full range of 75 numbers (five rows of fifteen numbers). This area is called the "Flash Board". Until called, Numbers are displayed as gray bullets. When "Called" the gray bullets change to numbers.

At the bottom left is the "
Game Series" display. A "Game Series" is a schedule of Games (1 to 50) during which all 75 numbers will be called. The "Game Series" starts with "1" and increments automatically when a new "Game Series" is started. Above, the "Game Series" is "1". If the Number of Games is set for "2", the first Game will Call "37" numbers and the second Game will Call "38" numbers. If the Number of Games is set for "3", each of the three Games will Call"25" numbers, etc.

Immediately above the "Game Series" is the "
Games to Play" display, the number of Games in a "Game Series". The default "Games to Play" is "2", but at the start of a "Game Series" the Host can select a "Game Series" from "1" to "50".

To the right of the "Games to Play" is the "
This Game" display. In the screenshot above, "Game Series" "1" has two Games and this is the first Game.

To the right of the "This Game" display is the "
Numbers Called" display. In the screenshot above, no numbers have been Called so "Numbers Called" is "0".

To the right of the "Numbers Called" display is the "
Prize to Share" display. In the screenshot above, the Host has not set the "Prize to Share" information so it is "$0.00". LLN Sheets are sold to Players and some or all of this determines the "Prize to Share".


Click on Lucky Last Number / Preferences to display the Preferences Window, shown above.

The "Prize to Share" value can be set at any time. The "Games to Play" and "Prize Unit" (numerous international currency symbols) can only be set at the beginning of a Game Series.


Above, you see the Games to Play has been set for "4", the Prize to Share has been set to "10.50" and the currency symbol has been left at "$".


When you close the Preferences Window (using the red button at the window's top left corner), the Main Window is updated as displayed above.

There are two
Calling Modes: When "Auto" is selected and the "Start" button is clicked, LLN calls Numbers at a rate determined by the Slider setting and displayed as the "Calling Speed". The Calling Speed is saved and used thereafter. Calling can be Paused and Continued. When "Manual" is selected, LLN calls one Number when the the "Get Number" button (replaces the "Start/Continue/Pause" button) is clicked or the Enter/Return key on the keyboard is pressed.


Above you see that the Host selected the "Auto" mode and the first Number (65) was called. The "Numbers Called" display now shows "1" and the "Flash Board" displays the "Called Number".


When a Number is Called, the Number is displayed for a short time on the "Billboard" in large Font. Above is an example of the Billboard displaying a Called Number.


When the last (75th) Number is Called, that Number is the "Winning Number". The Billboard remains up until LLN is quit. In the "Game Series" "1" screenshot above, you see that "This Game" is Game "4" in a "Games to Play" set for "4", the "Numbers Called" is "75" and the "Prize to Share" is "$10.50". Players with a "Game Card" with the "Winning Number" split the "Prize to Share".


Click Log / Show Log in the Menu Bar to bring up the Lucky Last Number "Log" which displays important information for each Game Series. This Log can be printed by clicking "File" / "Print Log" from the Menu Bar.


A "LLN Sheet" has four "Game Cards". Each Game Card displays the "Game Series" and a five by five matrix of numbers (1 - 75) selected at random.

LLN Sheets may be printed in "
Batches" of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. Select the desired Batch size from the Batch Size Menu Item and Select "File" / "Print Sheet Batch" to print LLN Sheets. Be sure to select Number of Copies to "1" to avoid duplicate LLN Sheets. A winner must have a LLN Card with the Game Series Number and the Last (75th) Called Number.

Click the "Call Back" button to hear all CALLED Numbers. Hold down the "Shift Key" when clicking the "Call Back" button to hear all UNCALLED Numbers. Press the "Command", "Option", and "a" keys (ABORT) to stop "Call Back". "Call Back" "Speed" is set by the Slider and displayed in the "Calling Speed" display. The Calling Speed is saved and used thereafter.

The Menu Bar has a "
Font Color" menu pick that sets the Color of Called Numbers (and other associated Number information. "Font Color" may be Black (default), Blue, or Green. "Font Color" may be set at any time.

LLN will announce when all Numbers have been Called at the end of each Game. Shut down and relaunch LLN to proceed with the next Game in the Game Series.

To Shut Down LLN, click the red "Close" button at the Window's upper left corner.

LLN saves "Games to Play", "This Game", "Numbers Called", "Prize to Share", "Font Color", "Flash Board" information between launches and other Preference settings between Games in a "Game Series".

Click File / Print Help on the Menu Bar to print the Help information.

here to download Version 1.2.0 (3.4 MB) for Intel Macintosh, OS 10.6 or later (zip).