Wake Up
Wake Up is compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and higher.

Brief Description:
Wake Up is a very simple utility that I use daily and thought others might find it useful as well. Wake Up simply pokes the display every so many seconds to keep the Mac from going to sleep. Wake Up is freeware.

When you launch Wake Up you see the simple Control Panel.


The User decides how many seconds between pokes using a drop-down menu (Let Me Sleep plus one to ten minute settings). The seconds are counted down and displayed in the Control Panel's top right corner. When the countdown reaches zero, the cursor is moved to the Control Panel and the mouse is tapped (simulating the User clicking on the Control Panel).

The Control Panel includes a checkbox to pause the countdown.


Above you see the drop-down settings. If "Let me sleep" is selected, Wake Me does nothing and eventually, the Mac will go to sleep unless System Preferences is set to never go to sleep. The User has clicked on the "4 min" setting. You can see the countdown is currently at seven seconds.


I set System Preferences / Energy Saver Computer sleep and Display sleep times set for 20 minutes so a Wake Up setting of four minutes works out well.

The position of the Wake Up Control Panel is saved between sessions. After launch, Wake Up comes up "paused" with "Let me sleep" setting.

here to download Version 1.3.0 (1.7 MB) for Macintosh OS 10.6 or later (zip).