Teachers Aid
Teachers Aid for Mac is compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and higher.

Teachers Aid for Windows is compatible with Win 7 and higher.

Brief Description:
Teachers Aid was developed to help Teachers generate tests on any subject for Students to take in a way that is fun. Each Test has 25 Questions and Answers which are scrambled. The Student finds the correct Answer and marks its Number on a Game Card (similar to Bingo). When the Winning Pattern is achieved, that Student wins the Game. Teachers Aid is $10 shareware. You can try this application in Demo Mode for up to ten launches before registration is required.


Above is the Teachers Aid Control Panel with a Table of Tests and several Controls. If a Test has 25 Questions and Answers, it is "Valid" and can be used to create tests.


Above, the User has clicked on "Inventions", the Default Test, included to help you learn how to use Teachers Aid. The Test Name is displayed in the "Selected Test" field. There are two Crib Modes. If a copier is available to make copies of the Student Crib, Mode 1 may be used to generate one Teacher Crib and one Student Crib. Otherwise, Mode 2 should be used and the number of Students should be set with the small Up/Down Controls. Now, the Teacher is ready to click on the "Print Cribs" button.


Above, you see the Teachers Crib. At the top you see the Name of the Test and the Test Number (the application keeps track of this for you). The Called Number Order (scrambled numbers from 1 to 25) is then displayed. The Questions and Answers are scrambled and displayed on the 25 Rows. Each Row displays the Question Number, Answer Number, Question, and Answer. Above, you see that the first Called Number is "1" so you can look at Row 1, see the Correct Answer Number ("1") and see the Correct Answer on Row 1 (Al-Ashraf invented the dry compass).


Above, you see the Student Crib which is similar to the Teacher Crib except that the Correct Answer Numbers are not displayed in Column 2. Note that both Teacher and Student Cribs have the same Test Number. From the Teacher Crib you see that the second Called Number is "21". When the Teacher calls out "21", the Student finds the Question on Row 21 is "Who invented the lawnmower?" He then looks through the Answers, finds the Correct Answer on Row 2 (Edwin Beard Budding), marks the second Column 2 on Row 21 as "2" and marks his Game Card on Square "2".


There is a Control on the Control Panel for the Teacher to set how many Game Cards he wishes to print when he clicks on the "Print Cards" button. Above you see a typical Game Card. Each Game Card has four unique Games. Any Game Card may be used with any Test. At the beginning of a Test, the Teacher announces the Winning Pattern (Outside Numbers, Inside 9 Numbers, etc.). When a Student announces that he has the Winning Pattern, the Teacher Crib is used to verify that the Student's Questions have been called.


Now that you know how Teachers Aid can be used to generate Tests and how the Game is played, let's make your own Test. Above, you see the Maintenance Window, accessed from the Maintenance > Show Maintenance menu item. The Default Test ("Inventions") cannot be deleted and its Questions and Answers cannot be deleted or changed.


Above, you see that the User has clicked on the Default Test. The Test Name is displayed in the "Test Name" field and the Questions and Answers are displayed in the middle Table. The "Question / Answer" field shows that this Test has 25 Questions and Answers. Tests that have 25 Questions and Answers are marked Valid in the Tests Table. (Cribs cannot be made from Tests that are not Valid).


Above, you see that the User clicked on the Default Test and changed the Test Name in the "Test Name" field to "Inventions 2". Now, he can change the Questions and Answers or Delete the Test. Above you can see that he changed the last Question to "Who invented Scotch Tape" and its Answer to "Richard Drew".


Above, you can see that the User clicked on the "Save Test" button and the Test Table now includes "Inventions 2".


Above, you can see that the User added "Inventions 3" and this Test is not Valid (it has only 24 Questions and Answers).

Alternatively, you can use TextEdit (or a similar program) to prepare a Test. Type a Question (39 characters maximum), a Tab, and an Answer (39 characters maximum) on each line. Save the file in "Plain Text" format (select Format / Make Plain Text in the TextEdit menu bar) with Unicode UTF-8 format with ".txt" suffix. The Title chosen in the "Save As" field will become the Test Name (15 characters maximum, without the ".txt" suffix). Load this Test by clicking on the "Load Test File" button at the top right of the Teachers Aid Maintenance window and navigating to the file. The new Test will be added to the Tests Table.


Finally, the User closed the Maintenance Window (he clicked on the top left red Close button), and all three Tests are now displayed in the Test Table. Cribs can be generated from the top two Tests but not from the third Test because it is not Valid.

Control Panel settings, location, and Teachers Aid tests are saved between sessions.

Click here to download Version 1.2.1 (2.0 MB) for Mac, OS 10.6 or later (zip).

here to download Version 1.0.0 (2.0 MB) for Win 7 and Win 8.