Time Check Pro Alt
Time Check Pro Alt is compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and higher.

Brief Description:

Time Check Pro Alt was developed for Users who use a date/time format of "dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm". Time Check Pro Alt helps the User keep track of time spent on projects and remind Users when to take breaks. Multiple projects are handled with ease. Until registered, you can run Time Check Pro Alt in Demo mode which runs for forty minutes and then shuts down. This time restriction is removed after registration. Time Check Pro Alt is $10 shareware.

here to see CSoM's Time Check Pro, a similar application for Users who use a date/time format of "mm/dd/yy hh:mm AM/PM" ($10 shareware).

here to see CSoM's Time Clock, a freeware application which handles a single project.

Version 2.6.0 replaced Kagi (which closed) with PayPal and fixed a bug.


When Time Check Pro Alt is launched, you are prompted to enter the name of a project into the "New Project Name" field in the Time Check Pro Alt Window. When you enter the project name and click on the "Add" button, this project is entered automatically in the "Choose Project" drop-down menu. Use the small up/down arrows to set the Minutes Between Breaks (2 - 120 minutes) and the "snooze" time (1 - 30 minutes) if you decide to postpone a break, and then click on the "Use" button. This brings up data for the selected project, facilitating fast change of projects. To delete a project and its associated log file, select a project from the drop-down project menu and click on the "Delete Selected Project" button.


Above you see the collapsed Time Check Pro Alt Window. Note the blinking red "Running" flag which indicates the time clock is running. The name of the project (Adams Project in this case) is included in the window title. You can minimize the Time Check Pro Alt window or just use the small triangle to shrink the window and move it somewhere out of the way on the display. If the Time Check Pro Alt window is minimized, it can be retrieved by selecting "Time and Settings" in the Time Check Pro Alt menu.


A Time Check Pro Alt menu item is displayed in the Menu Bar.


Clicking the circle in the Time Check Pro Alt menu icon reveals six menu choices: "Thank You" to clear a message without stopping the running time, "Start Clock" to start the clock running, "Stop Clock" to stop the clock, "Postpone Break" to let you continue to work a bit longer (like a snooze button), "Time and Settings" to bring up the Time Check Pro Alt Window, and "Show Log" to show the Time Check Pro Alt Log for the selected project.


When it is time for a break, the display is covered with a pale yellow film to get your attention and you see the above message. You can see through the film and click on a menu pick to take the desired action. Other messages are displayed in the same manner.

Although it is discouraged, the User can disable the "break" messages by unchecking the "Break" checkbox on the Control Panel.

A few words on the Break code: If the clock is not running, the "break" timer is not running - it considers you to be on a break already. Starting the clock starts the "break" timer. Stopping the clock stops the "break" timer. If you change projects and the clock is not running on that project when a break is due, the "break" message is not shown.


Above you see the Time Check Pro Alt Log for the Adams Project. Note the name of the project in the window title. The first two rows were added by Starting and Stopping the Time Clock. The note for these rows were added by clicking in a row to select the row, pausing and then clicking in the Note part of the row to highlight that cell, typing or editing the note and clicking on another row or using the "Enter" key. The third row was added manually by filling the date, hour, minute and note fields and clicking the "Add" button. Any row can be deleted by selecting the row and clicking on the "Delete Row" button. The running time fields (Hr : Min) indicate the total running time of all rows. If the clock is running, the running time is calculated and added to the total. If the time for a row is less than a minute, "<1" is displayed in the third (Minutes) column. The running time is also indicated on the Time Check Pro Alt Window. Each project has a separate log. Logs can be printed.

Start and stop times should be displayed in the format "dd/mm/yyyy" followed by "hh:mm". If you see the date and time expressed differently, go to System Preferences / Language & Text / Formats and under Times click the "Customize" button. Click on the "Show:" drop-down menu and select "Short". This is very important; otherwise, the date and time will not be parsed correctly.

Help information can be printed.

Time Check Pro Alt Window position and status (full or collapsed), settings, the running times and project logs are saved between sessions.

here to download Version 2.6.0 (3.2 MB zip file) for Mac OS 10.6 or later.