Drill Me
Drill Me is compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and higher.

Brief Description:
Drill Me was developed to help you test your understanding of any topic. Drill Me comes with a default test titled "Bridge Bids" with 50 questions and answers. Questions are shown on the display in big black letters on a light yellow transparent film for you to think about and form an answer in your mind. When you are ready, you can click a key to see the answer displayed the same way. You can take as long as you want and go back and forth between the question and the answer until you are satisfied you understand both. Then you press another key and the display goes back to normal. You can set the intervals to bring up questions in intervals from 0 to 30 minutes. Use the default test to learn how to use Drill Me and then make your own tests. Drill Me is $10 shareware. You can try Drill Me in Demo Mode for 20 minutes per launch until registered.

Drill Me supports display of questions and answers in many languages, including Spanish, Polish, French, Afrikaans, German, Russian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, etc. When a test is underway, the current question number is displayed in the top left corner. A "Sh" (Shuffle) checkbox has been added; if checked, the questions and answers are shuffled at selection of test, start of test and repeat of test. In the Maintenance Window, you can now drag reorder questions and answers within a test (be sure to save test).


Above you see the Drill Me Control Panel. Bridge Bids, the default test is listed in the table. You can choose to "see" or "see" and "hear" the questions and answers. You can choose to hear an alert (a laser sound) when the question is displayed (useful if you have the interval set for several minutes. Click on the "Sh" (shuffle) checkbox if you want questions and answers to be shuffled; leave this checkbox unchecked if you prefer to have the questions and answers in order. Click on a test, select a mode, set the desired interval and click on the "Start" button to begin the "drill".

Note: If you want the questions asked in order, make sure the "Sh" checkbox is unchecked before you select a test.


Questions and answers are displayed in bold black font on a light yellow transparent film on top of the display. The font size adjusts with the amount of text to be displayed so that you can have complex questions and answers. You can see through the display and click on items on the desktop, etc. When you have read and understood the question, click the "cursor-right" key to see the answer.


If you wish to see the question again, click the "cursor-left" key. To see the answer again, click the "cursor-right" key. When you are finished with this question and answer, click the "cursor-down" key and the display goes back to normal and the interval starts.


Drill Me puts a small heart icon on the menubar. Click on the heart to see the two menubar items: a "snooze" item to dismiss a question for five minutes and a menu item to quit Drill Me. You can also quit Drill Me by clicking on the red close button at the top left of the Drill Me Control Panel. If the Mac goes to sleep during a "drill", the "drill" continues after awakening.


When you are ready to make your own test, click on the "Maintenance" menubar item and select "Show Maintenance" to bring up the Maintenance Window.


Above you see the Maintenance Window where you can make and edit your own tests. Above, the User has clicked on "Bridge Bids" in the upper table; the test name is displayed in the Test Name field, and the lower table contains the test questions and answers.


Above, you see the User clicked on the first row in the lower table and the "Current Question" and "Current Answer" fields are filled with the first question and answer. The "cursor-up" and "cursor-down" keys can be used to move up and down in the table and the question and answer fields follow nicely. Alternatively, you can click in a table row to see the question and answer for that row. The displayed row number is displayed above and between the fields.

The User cannot delete or edit the default test.


Above, the User wished to start with the default test and make some changes. To do this, he clicked on Bridge Bids test in the upper table, changed the Test Name to Bridge Bids1 (the title can be 15 characters maximum), and clicked on the last row in the lower table. The texts for the 50th question and answer appear in the "Current Question" and "Current Answer" fields. After editing these texts, the User will click on the "Update Q/A" button and then click on the "Save Test" button. To add a row to the Bridge Bids1 text, he can click on Bridge Bids1 test in the upper table, enter the new question and answer in the two fields, click on the "Add Q/A" button, and click on the "Save Test" button. Similarly, he can click on a row in the lower table and click on the "Delete Q/A" button to delete that question and answer and then click on the "Save Test" button.

If you wish to reorder the rows, you can drag question and answer rows up and down in the table. If you do this, be sure to save the test.

To delete a test that you added, click on the test in the upper table and click on the "Delete Test" button.

If you prefer to use TextEdit (or similar) to prepare a test, type a question, a tab, and an answer on each line. Save the file in "Plain Text" format (select Format / Make Plain Text in the TextEdit menu bar) with Unicode UTF-8 format with ".txt" suffix. The title chosen in the "Save As" field should be short (15 characters maximum). Load this file by clicking on the "Load Test File" button and navigating to the file. That file name will be added to the "Tests" list.

When you close the Maintenance Window by clicking on the red close button at the top left corner, all tests appear in the Control Panel "Tests" list.


Above, you see the Control Panel is set for the User to "see" the Bridge Bids questions and answers every 6 seconds. Each question will be "announced" by the "laser" alert and the questions are shuffled, not in list order. The current question is the second shuffled question.


Above, you see the Control Panel is set for the User to "see" the Bridge Bids test questions and answers every 30 minutes, the "laser" alert is turned on, the questions are shuffled and the current question is the first. In between questions, the User can work with his email, browse the internet, listen to music, etc.

FYI: You can click the "Start" button to see the first question immediately, regardless of the interval setting. This is best, of course, with the questions and answers shuffled.

The Speaking Voice is set in System Preferences / Speech / Text to Speech / System Voice. Alex, Vicki and Victoria are excellent choices. If the speaking speed slider is moved when the System Voice is speaking, the change will take effect after a few words.

Control Panel settings, location, and Drill Me tests are saved between sessions.


Click here to download the Intel Version (3.8 MB) for Macintosh OS 10.6 or later (zip).