FixIt II
FixIt II is compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and later.

Brief Description:

If you use Apple Mail and forward a lot of emails, this utility might be of interest.


Above you see an example of an email that has already been forwarded several times (indicated by the vertical bars on the left). You would like to delete these vertical bars and the ">" marks at the beginning of each line. Select the email text that you want "fixed" and copy it (command-c).


Launch FixIt II and you see the above window.


Above, you see that the User has used command-v to paste the text copied from the email into the large field. Note that the vertical bars are removed.


Above, you see that the User has clicked on the "Simple" button and the ">" symbols have been removed.


Above, you see another example of an email that has more difficult problems.


Above, you see the User clicked on the "Complex" button to clean up other undesired characters.

The clipboard contains the contents of the field after the "Simple" or "Complex" button is clicked. You can still edit the text in the field as you wish but you need to use Edit / Select All and Edit / Copy to put the revised text onto the clipboard, ready to pasted into a Mail message.

Click on the "Clear" button to clear the field. If the "Auto Clear" checkbox is checked, the field will be cleared for you when you click the "Fix It" button, ready to "fix" another email.

Click here to download Version 2.4.0 (1.9 MB) for Macintosh OS 10.6 or later (zip).