TimeLine is compatible with Leopard (10.5) and higher.

Brief Description:
TimeLine lets you plan your food preparation and save the information. If you find it inconvenient to bring together a large meal because you are unsure when to start each dish, this application may relieve your frustration. TimeLine is $10 shareware; you may use the Demo Mode for ten launches before you must register.

Version 2.3.0 replaced Kagi (which closed) with PayPal. If you are registered, there is no need to upgrade.


When you first launch TimeLine you see the above window with the Master Timeline across the top leading up to the meal serving time on the right. Note that the large timeline marks are in hour increments and the smaller timeline marks are in fifteen minute increments. There are buttons at the bottom to add timelines, delete the bottom timeline, make a Note and make screenshots which can be viewed and printed using Preview. We will prepare an example timeline that could be used for a simple Thanksgiving meal for six people. Since there is a button to make screenshots, this capability was used to make the screenshots below (the screenshots may not include the buttons at the bottom).


Above, you see that a unique name (which will be the title of a file) has been given for the occasion, the serving time has been set for 4:30 PM, and a short comment has been added that this timeline is for a Thanksgiving meal for six.


To see how long a nine pound turkey should cook, the Cooking Calculator has been accessed from the menu bar and information added to the fields. At 17 minutes per pound, the turkey should take approximately 2 hours, 33 minutes. This information will be used in the next timeline.


Above, you see that the "New TimeLine" button has been clicked and a short comment has been added to remind the user about oven temperatures and when to remove the turkey from the oven. New timelines start with the stop time matching the previous timeline stop time.


The turkey should rest for thirty minutes after being removed from the oven so the timeline stop time has been set at 4:00 by dragging the timeline to the left. The start time has been set at 1:27 by hovering the mouse on the timeline, pressing the "Control" key, and moving the mouse to the correct time duration (2 Hr 33 Min). Note that a thin red line extends up to the Master Timeline from the stop time and a thin green line extends up to the Master Timeline from the start time. The duration is displayed between the start and stop times if there is room; otherwise, the duration time is displayed at the beginning or end of the timeline. If you make the start time too far to the right by mistake, move the mouse to the left and press the "Control" key. The start time is always displayed; the stop time is displayed if there is room.


Above, you see that another timeline has been added for the mashed potatoes. 40 minutes has been allocated for cooking time with enough time when finished to mash the potatoes, add butter and put on the table.


Above, you see that another timeline has been added for the lima beans. 15 minutes has been allocated for cooking time; the lima beans should be ready five minutes before serving time.


Above, you see that another timeline has been added for the rolls which will be heated in the toaster oven at 400°.


Finally, you see that another timeline has been added for the house salad which can be prepared earlier.


Click on the "Note" button to bring up a Note Window where you can include notes about the recipe, etc. Above, you see that some useful information has been added. This Note can be printed from the File > Print Note menu pick.

Save the information before you quit. You can save the information at any time and you can save the information for another occasion by using the File Save As menu pick. Saved timelines can be opened using the File Open menu pick. Files are saved in a "TimeLine" folder in your Documents Folder.

Check the checkbox at the bottom if your display is Retina.

Click on the "Make Screenshot" button to save a screenshot file to the Desktop. The screenshot will be displayed with Preview for printing. The Help information can be printed by using the File > Print Help menu pick.

Click here to download Version 2.3.0 (2.5 MB zip file) for Mac (OS 10.5 or later).