Ten Thousand Solitaire
Ten Thousand Solitaire for Mac is compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and higher.

Ten Thousand Solitaire for Windows is compatible with Win 7 and higher.

Windows Version 2.1.8 uses an installer.

Brief Description:
This game of solitaire is based on a game titled Ten Thousand normally played by two people with six dice. The goal is to get at least ten thousand points and then stop (or cache out). Sound is supported. This game is freeware.



In the screenshot above from the Mac Cocoa version, three “fives” are recognized and reflect the "Holding" score of 500 points.

Press the "New Game" button (Command-N) to reset scores and roll all six dice.

Press the "Roll Again" button (Command-M) to roll the dice again, accepting the score reflected in the "Holding" window. Note that this score does not include loose "ones" or "fives." If the "Holding" score plus the count for loose "ones" and "fives" is at least 250 points, then the lower right window will show "Minimum Met" and the "Cache Out" button will be enabled. If no die can be played, the bottom left window will show "Game Over" and the "Roll Again" and "Cache Out" buttons will be disabled.

Press the "Cache Out" button (Command-K) to stop. The "Holding" score plus the count for loose "ones" and "fives" will be added to the "Score." Pressing "Roll Again" will result in a roll of all six dice. You are a winner if you cache out with more than 10,000 points.

The File menu includes picks for New Game, Roll Again, and Cache Out.

The Sound menu allows you to turn the sound on and off. The default setting is off.
(The shortcuts for the Visual Basic version are Alt-Opt-Shift-N, Alt-Opt-Shift-M and Alt-Opt-Shift-K.)

Ten Thousand Solitaire Rules

  • The goal is to reach 10,000 points and stop (or Cache Out).
  • There are six die, numbered one to six.
  • A run (one die each from one to six) is worth 1500 points.
  • Three pairs are worth 1200 points.
  • A triplet is worth 100 times the number on the die (except for ones).
  • A triplet of ones is worth 1000 points.
  • A single "one" is worth 100 points.
  • A single "five" is worth 50 points.
  • Press "New Game" to reset all scores and roll the dice.
  • "Holding" is the number of points at present for this roll, assuming you remove the suggested combination.
  • If you have at least 250 points, you can Cache Out to save the points (this count includes loose ones and fives). If you have a lone "one" and a lone "five" then 100 points are given for the "one." If you have a lone "five" then 50 points are given.
  • You can continue to use "Roll Again" to get a new roll without the die played.
  • If you can play all six die, the points are saved automatically.
  • After triplets, each additional die of the same doubles the points.
  • If no die can be played, the game is over.
  • If you cache out with more than 10,000 points, you are a winner.
  • The display keeps track of the number of "cache outs."
  • The ultimate winner would have over 10,000 points with one "Cache Out."
  • Sound can be turned on and off from the Sound menu pick. Sound is on by default.

Ten Thousand Solitaire Strategy

One strategy is to Cache Out when you have met the minimum and have three or fewer dice to roll. This strategy will likely result in a high Cache Out count but is risk tolerant.

A second strategy is to continue to roll, hoping for additional die to increase the points for triplets. This strategy is quite risky but if you are lucky will result in a high score with a low Cache Out count.

Click here to download Version 2.6.0 (3.1 MB) for Mac (OS 10.6 or later).

Click here to download Version 2.1.8 (1.4 MB) for Win 7, Win 8, and Win 10.