Bingo Cards Sp
Bingo Cards Sp is compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and later.

Brief Description:
Bingo Cards Sp was developed for Users who would like to print Bingo Cards with Free Space (FS) images and custom Top and Bottom Labels. Each "Card" has four "Game Cards". Labels can have up to sixteen characters in Black, Blue, Red, and Green font colors. The Free Space image is generated from one of your own pictures. Preferably, a picture chosen for the Free Space image is square because this image will be resized to fit the Free Space area. After registration, Bingo Cards Sp supports Print Batches of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 cards. Until registered, the User can try Bingo Cards Sp in Demo Mode (the Batch Size is limited to one). Bingo Cards Sp is $10 USD shareware.

Bingo Cards Sp supports both Normal and Retina displays.

Version 2.0.0 supports printing in US Letter and A4 paper sizes.


When you launch Bingo Cards Sp, you see the above small (Control Panel) window with a few controls. Enter the Top and Bottom Labels and set their desired colors. Click the Get Image button to navigate to and select the desired Free Space image. The image will be resized and displayed in the FS Image window. Click the Test button to see how the Card will look. When satisfied, set the Print Batch size from the menu bar and print a Batch from the File / Print Batch menu item.


Above you can see that the User selected colors for the Labels and selected an FS Image.


This is how the Bingo Card looked after the Test button was clicked.

Note: The number pattern in each Bingo Card is unique. Statistically, there is virtually no chance of duplicate cards (as long as you print only one of each card of course).

Select the paper size (US Letter or A4) from the Print Format menu item.

Settings except for the image are saved between sessions.

here to download Version 2.0.0 (3.4 MB) for Intel Macintosh, OS 10.7 or later (zip).