Speed Reading III
Speed Reading III for Mac is compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and higher.

Speed Reading III for Windows is compatible with Win 7 and higher.

Windows Version 1.1.3 uses an installer.

Practice your speed reading using eBook Library which supports speed reading and includes an eBookshelf.

Brief Description:
Speed Reading III was developed to help you improve your reading speed. The average reader reads at about 200 words per minute (wpm) with a typical comprehension of 60%. The top 1% of readers do much better, reading at more than 1000 wpm with a comprehension of 85%. Such high speed reading requires serious concentration. This application lets you try reading by looking at two midpoints on each line and continuing to move forward without going back and re-reading. Ten text sources are included plus you can choose your own text source. When preparing to use your own text source, remove empty lines because the application will stop reading a text source upon encountering an empty line. If the text source is longer than can be held by the window, you will see only the amount that fits into the window. You can adjust the speed of the moving window from approximately 50 wpm to 1500 wpm in four ranges (very slow, slow, medium, and fast). A slider is provided to adjust the speed within each range. The approximate speed (words per minute) is displayed.


Displayed above, the user has selected the low end of the slow range. The speed is set for approximately 200 wpm. The full text can be seen very dimly in the background. The line width is a compromise between a normal newspaper column and a wide newspaper column. Two snapshots of text are displayed for each line, one snapshot at a time. Above, you see displayed a right snapshot on a line midway down the page.

This simple program does not test your comprehension. If you want to pursue speed reading, check the internet for additional resources.

Click here to download Version 1.6.0 (2.3 MB) for Mac (OS 10.6 or later).

Click here to download Version 1.1.3 (1.2 MB) for Win 7, Win 8, and Win 10.