Point N See
Point N See is compatible with Lion (10.7) and higher.

Brief Description:
Point N See is a utility to enlarge dynamically a portion of the screen to read fine print or see more detail in an image.

Mac Version 4.0.0 provides improved detail with Retina Displays.

Click here to see PNS 4, a $10 shareware version of Point N See that lets you stare at up to four portions of the screen, each with its own magnification.

here to see Computer Glasses II, another way to magnify a portion of the screen.


When you launch Point N See you see two windows. The small window on the left is a Control Panel; the larger window is the Display Window. There are two modes of operation: Normal and Fixed.

In Normal mode, you see a dynamic display of the desktop around your mouse enlarged in the Display Window. In Fixed mode, you identify where you want the Display Window to stare and you are then free to use your mouse normally.

Control Panel control let you Show or Hide the Display Window, turn crosshairs on/off, and choose the magnification (1.0 to 5.0 in 0.1 steps).


You can drag the Control Panel out of the way on the desktop,


and shrink or expand the Control Panel by clicking on the small triangle.


Above you see that the Display Window has been dragged on top of a browser window and the Display Window shape has been resized (drag the bottom right corner of the Display Window to change the height and width). What you see displayed in the Display Window is the area surrounding the mouse magnified by 2.0. Crosshairs have been turned on. This display is dynamic; as you move the mouse, the Display Window updates immediately.

To enter the Fixed mode, put your mouse over the point you want the Display Window to watch (stare at) and press the
Command-Option keys. You will see a small red light to the right of Shrink/Expand in the Control Panel.

To revert to the Normal mode, press the
Command-Control keys. The red light will go out and the Display Window will display the area around the mouse.

As long as the Control Panel is not minimized, you can use shortcuts to turn the Display Window on (
Control-Shift) and off (Option-Shift).

You can quit the application by clicking on the Control Panel's (red) close button (or by clicking anywhere on the Control Panel and using the Point N See > Quit Point N See from the menu bar). Settings for the magnification and the locations of the Control Panel and Display Window are saved between sessions.

Click here to download Version 4.0.0 (4.0 MB) for Macintosh OS 10.7 or later (zip).