Meal Planning
Meal Planning for Mac is compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and higher.

Meal Planning for Windows is compatible with Win 7 and higher.

Windows Version 3.2.3 is a bug fix, has modest improvements and uses an installer. You can now add a recipe note for each Menu Item and use a calendar window to make notes on when you plan to have Menu Items. You can also use Categories (i.e., Appetizers, Entrees, Deserts, etc.) and drag the Menu Items into the appropriate Categories.

If application does not respond to key strokes, you need to reboot Mac.

Brief Description:
Meal Planning was developed to help you adjust ingredient portions and make a shopping list for menu items and events.

Menu Choices Window

When you launch Meal Planning, you see the Menu Choices window. If you have prepared Menu Items using older versions of Meal Planning, you will see them listed here. If you are using Meal Planning for the first time, this list will be empty. Above you see over twenty Menu Items separated into four Categories. Click on the "Add Menu Item" button and the Menu Item window will be displayed.

Menu Item Window

Here, you see ingredients for the Smoked Sausage Jambalaya Nenu Item. Ingredients have been added with their portions and units. If you are adding a new Menu Item, give the Menu Item a name and enter the number of people that this Menu Item will feed. Then, select the first ingredient from the drop-down menu (Mac only: type the first letter to snap quickly to that part of the ingredient choices), enter the portion (may be in whole number or decimal format), choose the appropriate unit, and click on the "Add to Table" button. Note: If you do not see a unit that you want to use, you can click on the blank unit row or select any unit and edit it after the ingredient is entered into the table (click on a row, pause, then click a cell and type the desired unit). Use the same steps to add other ingredients and click on the "Save Menu Item" button. This will close the Menu Item window and you will see the Menu Item has been added to the Menu Choices window list.

From the Menu Choices window, you can see what ingredients are needed for a Menu Item by double-clicking a Menu Item name (or clicking on a Menu Item name and clicking on the "Edit Menu Item" button). This will open the Menu Item Window with the list of ingredients for that Menu Item. You can edit and save the information or change the information and name for a similar Menu Item.

A Handy Conversions drop-down menu is provided to remind you of common conversions.

If you did not find an ingredient that you need in the drop-down ingredient menu, click on the "Edit Ingredient List" button and the Ingredients Maintenance Window will open.

Ingredients Maintenance Window

The Default Ingredients List on the left includes hundreds of built-in ingredients. You can add your own favorites to the Additional Ingredients list on the right by typing the name and click on the "Add" button. To remove one of your additional ingredients, click on that ingredient and click on the "Delete" button. The "Select Ingredient" drop-down menu on the Menu Item Window will include all default and additional ingredients. When you click on the "Close Window" button, all changes will be saved. This information persists between sessions.

Planning an Activity

After you have entered a few Menu Items, you are ready to plan an event. From the Menu Choices Window, select one or more Menu Items (Command-click to add a Menu Item for Mac, Ctrl-click to add a Menu Item for Windows) and click on the "Plan Meals" button. Above, you can see that two Menu Items have been selected. You will be asked how many people will be fed these Menu Items. Enter the appropriate number and click on the "OK" button. The Meal/Activity Menu Window will be displayed.

Meal/Activity Menu Window

Each Menu Item is displayed with the number of people, followed by each ingredient, quantity and unit. If you want to add additional Menu Item(s), click on the "Add Menu Item" button to choose additional Menu Items. You can delete a Menu Item (and its ingredients) by clicking on a Menu Item name on the Meal/Activity Menu Window and clicking on the "Delete Menu Item" button. Add a Meal/Activity Description and, if you wish, print this information to use when you prepare the Menu Item(s).

Shopping List Window

From the Meal/Activity Menu Window you can click on the "Prepare Shopping List" button to see all ingredients combined and sorted into a list. To simplify your shopping, you can drag rows to match how you walk through your grocery store. This information can be printed to take to the grocery store.


You can add a recipe note for each Menu Item. To access these notes from the Menu Choices window, the Menu Item window or the Meal/Activity window, press Option-r (for Recipe) on Mac or Alt-r on Windows.


Press Option-c (for Calendar) on Mac or Alt-c on Windows from anywhere in Meal Planning to open the Calendar window. Select the desired month and year from the drop-down menus or use the small buttons below the calendar to move backward or forward one month at a time. The middle button (with the " - " caption) resets the calendar to the current month. If you wish, add notes about which Menu Items you plan for events. These notes, which are saved automatically when you close the Calendar window, may be printed.

Click here to download Version 3.6.0 (2.0 MB) for Mac (OS 10.6 or later).

Click here to download Version 3.2.3 (1.2 MB) for Win 7, Win 8, and Win 10.