eBook Library
eBook Library for Mac is compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and higher.

eBook Library for Windows is compatible with Win 7 and higher.

Brief Description:
eBook Library was developed to help you practice speed reading at speeds from 50 to 1500 words per minute using plain text Unicode (UTF-8) encoded files. Steps to make such a file are provided below.

There are several ways to load an eBook into eBook Library. The eBook Library menu has three menu picks, one to help you find free eBooks, one to load an eBook from your eBookshelf and one to save an eBook file to your eBookshelf. You may also click on the "Choose New Source" button and navigate to a text file. You can pause and continue at any time. For example, you might start an eBook and decide to finish later. If you wish to continue reading the last text source used, click on the "Use Last Source" button (instead of the "Choose New Source" button) and the text will appear almost instantaneously, ready to start reading. eBook Library will remember the line at which you stopped and display this info when you start a new session. The estimated time to finish reading is displayed. You can start reading at the beginning or at any line. You can use automatic or manual scrolling.


Displayed above, the user has selected the middle the fast range. The speed is set for approximately 1100 wpm. The full text can be seen very dimly in the background. As you can see, coding prevents breaking of words. The line width is a compromise between a normal newspaper column and a wide newspaper column. Each line is broken into two snapshots; text is displayed one snapshot at a time. Above, you see the left snapshot on the 15th line of a 15436 line text. Automatic scrolling is selected. The "Dim Text" slider is quite far to the right (the further to the right, the dimmer the background text). If this slider is far enough to the left, the text being read has a faint yellow background to help you follow the focus. At the speed set above, the estimated time to finish reading is two hours and eight minutes.


When eBook Library is launched the first time, a new folder named "eBookshelf" is placed in the Users/Documents folder. This folder is used thereafter to store eBooks. Above is a snapshot of an eBookshelf folder containing ebook texts.

Steps to make a text source file:

  • Find the text (eBook or otherwise) you want to read. Restrict your selections to plain text, us-ascii encoding (not iso-8859-1) and no compression. This is important!
  • Copy just the book text. Do not include text before or after the book text.
  • Paste into a new TextEdit (or equivalent) file. (Windows users can use NotePad.)
  • Select TextEdit menu pick Format > Make Plain Text.
  • Save As Unicode (UTC-8) file with ".txt" suffix.
  • Use this file as the eBook Library text source file.
All settings are saved between sessions.


Click here to download Version 7.5.0 (1.9 MB zip file) for Mac, (OS 10.6 or later).

Click here to download Version 7.1.0 (1.2 MB) for Win 7, Win 8, and Win 10.