Color Schemes

Color Schemes for Mac is compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and higher.

Color Schemes for Windows is compatible with Win 7 and higher.

Win Version 5.0.4 is a bug fix.

Brief Description:
This application helps you put together up to 28 color schemes, each color scheme with up to three colors. The Demo Color Scheme above shows how three colors could work well together. In "Manual" mode, you set the colors for all windows. In "Automatic" mode, you select the color for the top window and the colors for the bottom (left and right) windows are set automatically using 120 degree color wheel separation. Six smaller swatch windows are provided; in the screenshot above, two swatch windows have color. Saved Color Schemes are reloaded automatically when you relaunch. Swatch window color information is not saved between sessions.


Additional Details:
To see a color scheme, click on the button next to that scheme. Each window has three sliders which set the decimal amount (0 to 255) of Red, Green and Blue components for that color. You can change the color by moving the sliders, typing into the fields to the immediate right of each slider or using the Color Picker. You can also use the "Hex In" fields to input window color components. Paste (or type) the six Hex characters to see an immediate change in the respective window color. The "Hex Out" fields reflect the current color Hex values. The "Hex In" field background is white if the color is set from the "Hex In" field. The "Hex In" field background is gray if the color is set via the controls; in such a case, the "Hex Out" field does not match the "Hex In" field. Window colors change immediately as you move the sliders or type into the fields.

Click on any window to open the Color Picker (in "Automatic" mode, clicking on the left and right windows does not open the Color Picker because these colors are set automatically). The Color Picker window offers five ways to select a color. You can use the Color Wheel, use sliders (Gray Scale, Red-Green-Blue, Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black, Hue-Saturation-Brightness), Color Palettes, Image Palettes or Crayons to choose a color. Choose the desired color using any method and click on the "OK" button. The Color Picker will close and the RGB color information will be reflected in the window sliders, fields and window.


Above the Demo Scheme is selected and "Automatic" mode has been selected. Note that the top window is the same color as the top window in the first screenshot and the left and right windows show colors with 120 degree color wheel separation from the color in the top window. The top, left, and right windows have color intensities of 93%.


A blend function is included. Above the Demo Scheme has been selected and the "Blend L/R" button has been clicked. The color in the top window is the sum of the Red, Green and Blue components in the left and right windows. If the sum is greater than 255 (saturation), the top window component values are rescaled.

A swap function is available from the menu bar. In "Manual" mode, you can swap the left window with the top window with one menu pick (Command-L) or swap the right window with the top window with the other menu pick (Command-R). In "Automatic" mode, you can rotate the windows clockwise with Command-L or counter-clockwise with Command-R. Note: Using the swap function or changing color schemes puts Color Schemes in "Manual" mode.

Three excellent internet color references can be accessed from the Help menu bar.

You can use the fields to the right of the "Hex Out" fields for a very short comment.

When you are satisfied with a scheme, click on the "Save Scheme" button to save the data. You will see a short "Busy" light in the top right of the window when you click on the "Save Scheme" button.

Hold down the Control key to drag and drop color from any window (top, left, right or swatch) to any other window.

To summarize, to add a new Color Scheme:

  • Click on an unused Color Scheme Choice button
  • Give the Color Scheme Choice a name
  • Set the color for each window
  • Add a short comment if you wish
  • Click on the "Save Scheme"
Saved Color Schemes will be reloaded when you relaunch the application. You can click on a Color Scheme and continue searching for new pleasing color schemes.

Click here to download Version 5.4.0 (2.1 MB) for Mac, (OS 10.6 or later).

Click here to download Version 5.0.4 (1.2 MB) for Win 7 and Win 8.