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AB Cipher (Mac) - a computer version of Sir Francis Bacon’s encipher method - freeware

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(Mac) - a game of luck, timing and guts - $20 USD shareware

Auto Flash (Mac) - use text flash cards to learn any subject; this app may be run in the background without user interaction - freeware

Bible Buddy (Mac/Win) - contains entire King James version of the Bible with capability to jump to any book, chapter or verse and capability to use bookmarks with comments - freeware

Bingo Caller (Mac/Win) - everything you need to have a 75 number Bingo party - $10 USD shareware

Bingo Caller 90 (Mac/Win) - everything you need to have a 90 number Bingo party - $10 USD shareware

Bingo Cards Sp (Mac) - print 75 number Bingo cards with two labels and an image in the Free Space - $10 USD shareware

Bingo Caller Pro (Mac/Win) - everything you need to have a 75 number Bingo party - $20 USD shareware

Bingo Caller Pro 90 (Mac/Win) - everything you need to have a 90 number Bingo party - $20 USD shareware

Bingo Match (Mac/Win) - play 75 number Bingo with images - $10 USD shareware

Blink (Mac) - compare two images and the differences blink - freeware

Brain Tease (Mac/Win) - interesting challenges to improve focus and concentration - freeware

Brain Tease II (Mac/Win) - have fun stimulating your brain with math problems - freeware

Bridge Dealer Sp (Win) - enter three Bridge hands and generate the fourth Bridge hand, then display top view of all four hands - $20 USD shareware

Bridge Hands (Mac/Win) - generate random Bridge hands to learn the bidding process - freeware

Business Bingo (Mac/Win) - full featured 75 number Bingo with banner and ads (excellent for business or personal use) - $50 USD shareware

Business Bingo 90 (Mac/Win) - full featured 90 number Bingo with banner and ads (excellent for business or personal use) - $50 USD shareware

Can You Raed Tihs? (Mac/Win) - explore an interesting phenomenon; people read a whole word at once, not one letter at a time as you might expect - freeware

Class Bingo (Mac/Win) - play Bingo with your students in the classroom - freeware

Click (Mac) - take screenshots (even while watching a DVD movie) with options to make manual or periodic screenshots - freeware

Click It (Mac) - practice your mouse skills while playing a game - freeware

Click Pro (Mac) - take screenshots (even while watching a DVD movie) with options to make manual or periodic screenshots - freeware

Color Schemes (Mac/Win) - helps you make up to 28 color schemes, with up to three colors per scheme - freeware

Crossword Puzzle Helper (Mac/Win) - let this utility help you find the answer - freeware

Custom Bingo (Mac/Win) - call and play 75 USD Bingo with default BINGO Letters or Custom Letters - $15 USD shareware

Data Mining (Mac/Win) - let this utility search for strings in raw data - freeware

Drill Me (Mac) - use this utility to test your understanding of any topic - $10 USD shareware

Find A Word (Mac/Win) - addictive word game - freeware

FixIt II (Mac) - email utility - freeware

Flash Cards (Mac) - test your knowledge with flash cards - freeware

Flash Cards II (Mac) - test your knowledge with long narrative flash cards - $10 USD shareware

French Vocab (Mac/Win) - have fun practicing your French vocabulary - freeware

GHOST (Mac/Win) - play a computer solitaire version of GHOST, a word game - freeware

Help Me Write (Mac) - a utility to help the visually impaired prepare text for emails and documents - freeware

Highlighter (Mac) - a tool for presentations and tutorials - freeware

Icon Mask Maker (Mac) - make transparent masks for your icons - $10 USD shareware

Image (Mac) - display images at periodic times on your display - $10 USD shareware

Jibber Jabber (Mac) - pass secret messages to your friends - freeware

Listen! (Mac/Win) - use audible anchors with a timer - freeware

Lottery (Mac/Win) - simulation of Mega Millions lottery - freeware

Lottery Picks (Mac/Win) - pick random numbers for state lotteries - freeware

Lucky Last Number (Mac) - game of chance for groups - $20 USD shareware

Math Practice (Mac/Win) - make a game of arithmetic, simple algebra and roman numbers - freeware

Message (Mac) - display messages on top of your screen periodically - $10 USD shareware

Mickey DeeDees (Mac/Win) - play cashier/manager at a fast food restaurant - freeware

Mickey’s Ice Cream (Mac/Win) - play cashier/manager at an ice cream parlor - freeware

Mimic (Mac) - practice memory skills with music - freeware

Music Assistant (Mac) - set you tempo and tune your instrument - freeware

My Bingo Cards (Mac/Win) - make 75 number Bingo cards with your company’s name - $10 USD shareware

My Data (Mac/Win) - keep track of almost any topic that can be described in four parameters - freeware

My Library (Mac/Win) - use a database to manage and search your collection of books - freeware

My Timer (Mac/Win) - a simple (1 - 90 minute) countdown timer - freeware

Name This Tune (Mac) - a fun way to test your knowledge of your tunes in iTunes - freeware

Peek (Mac) - a utility for Users with sensitive eyes and need to reduce clutter around what they are reading on the display - freeware

Picture Puzzle (Mac) - solve a picture puzzle with your own jpg pictures - freeware

Planner (Mac) - utility to help craftsmen plan how best to use expensive and limited stock material effectively = $10 USD shareware

Prime Number Generator (Mac/Win) - play with primes - freeware

Pyramid Tease (Mac/Win) - play the tee jumping game for fun and challenge - freeware

Random Names (Mac) - generate random names - freeware

Read Me a Book (Mac) - make audio clips from books to listen to using iTunes - $10 USD shareware

Remind Me (Mac) - never miss an appointment, birthday or anniversary again - $10 USD shareware

Rubik Puzzle (Mac) - play with the Rubik Cube on a computer - $10 USD shareware

SAT Vocab Prep (Mac/Win) - have fun learning new words - freeware

Schedule (Mac) - a utility to plan and track projects - $20 USD shareware

Scrabbler Aid (Mac/Win) - practice your Scrabble skills - freeware

Screen Shades (Mac) - a utility for tinting the screen for sensitive eyes - freeware

Screen Shades Pro (Mac) - a utility for tinting one or two displays for sensitive eyes - $10 USD shareware

Simple Cypher (Mac) - use a historical cypher system - $10 USD shareware

Simple Rental (Mac) - track income and expenses over five years per account - $10 USD shareware

Slot Machine (Mac/Win) - two games of change, one with an Easter Egg - freeware

So You Know Capitals! ((Mac/Win) - learn (U.S.A) state capitals and country capitals - freeware

Spanish Vocab (Mac) - have fun practicing your Spanish vocabulary - freeware

Speak N Spell (Mac/Win) - practice your spelling abilities - freeware

Speed Reading III ((Mac/Win) - yet another way to increase your reading speed - freeware

Spell-O-Gram (Mac/Win) - a game to unscramble letters from words in a list - freeware

Star Focus Assistant ((Mac/Win) - a utility to help astrophotographers using a DSLR camera focus their camera while viewing an object in real time - $20 USD shareware

Stock Quotes (Mac) - monitor stock, index, commodity, mutual fund prices and your portfolio’s value - freeware

Subliminal Image Pro (Mac) - experience the power of subliminal images - $10 USD shareware

Subliminal Message Pro (Mac) - experience the power of subliminal text messages - $20 USD shareware

Super GHOST (Mac/Win) - play a computer solitaire word game a bit more challenging than GHOST - freeware

Swami (Mac) - have your own Swami give you advice and your fortune - freeware

Table Caller (Mac) - announces tables for people to line up (for food, etc.) - freeware

Teachers Aid (Mac/Win) - generate tests and make learning fun - $10 USD shareware

Tell Me A Story (Mac/Win) - hear bedtime stories - freeware

Ten Thousand Solitaire (Mac/Win) - a game of chance with dice - freeware

TickerType (Mac/Win) - a game to help you practice typing - freeware

TimeLine (Mac) - plan food preparation using timelines - $10 USD shareware

Time Clock (Mac) - a utility to keep track of time spent on a project with prompts to take breaks - freeware

Tinted Window (Mac) - a utility for tinting a portion of your main display - freeware

Weight Logger (Mac) - track weight and other health measures and see short, medium and long term weight trends. See progress compared to User’s weight goal and “ideal weight” - $10 USD shareware

Who Said This? (Mac/Win) - a fun way to learn quotations - freeware

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